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Huitai‘s second IPF International Academic conference in 2020
Time:2020-01-20 388 source:Huitai

In 2019, the preclinical studies of inhalation and intravenous dosage form of IPF project have been completed, including the work of pharmacy, pharmacology, safety evaluation and clinical design required. In January 2020, Huitai held the second IPF international academic conference and presented it to the world's top experts in the field of IPF.


IPF international academic conference is an annual conference organized by the Huitai. The conference focused on Huitai's IPF project and the latest progress of global IPF research. At the conference, top international experts shared the latest vision and breakthrough progress in the field of international anti-fibrosis research and development and discussed the HTPEP-001 peptide preclinical research results and the future clinical practice of Huitai's IPF project. 


In addition, the experts attending the conference also shared the current situation of clinical diagnosis and treatment of IPF in China and the United States, the research progress of new IPF drugs in the world, the research on the relationship between pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer, and the strategy of investigational new drug application in China and the United States.

 The agenda of the conference mainly focused on the four sections of the company's R&D projects: pharmacy, pharmacodynamics, safety evaluation and clinical design. The company's major researchers presented the preclinical design ideas and research results of the IPF project in both Chinese and English, as well as the research results of the newly expanded cancer indications. It also focuses on the investigational new drug application strategy of the IPF project and the phase I and II clinical trial plan.


Experts attending the conference highly affirmed Huitai’s preclinical study of the IPF project and believed that the existing achievements had fully clarified the preclinical safety, effectiveness and quality control of HTPEP-001 peptide, which fully met the requirements for conducting clinical trials of NMPA and FDA. The design ideas of the two dosage forms also fully consider the drug demand of different degrees of illness, especially the inhalation dosage form, which can maximize the benefits of patients with respiratory diseases and has very high drug accessibility. As a highly innovative and challenging direction in the IPF field, the breakthrough of inhalation has condensed the wisdom and painstaking efforts of all R&D personnel of the company. At the same time, the achievements of the new expansion of cancer indications also show that HTPEP-001 has great potential in expanding to other related indications in the future.


In mid-January 2020, the abstract of inhalation research of the IPF project of the Huitai has also been officially received by the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and will be reported at the annual meeting of ATS held in May 2020. This is also the second exhibition of the company's scientific research achievements in the international conference with the most global influence in the field, which is a reaffirmation of the company's innovation ability and R&D ability.

It is expected that in 2020, with the concerted efforts of all Huitai’s staff, the IPF project will enter the clinical research stage as soon as possible and benefit the global IPF patients as soon as possible.

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